Front of the house

Fabulous kitchen

View from the kitchen into the dining area

Mystery room

Creative wiring



Tearing down the "house" in the backyard where people actually lived

The dust was so nasty from the demo some of us came close to wretching

The Bobcat pierced an old airconditioner which made for some fireworks

15 minutes later


House lifted for a new sil and to remove the rot

peeling off the layers

Front corner of building

Back of the house featuring debris pile

Kitchen area post demo

View from front door

Washroom at the back of house

Aaron letting the house down

back of the house


Big screw

Pouring new foundation


Where'd the house go?

Rebuilt back side with new trusses

Looking up at new trusses

Louie and Aaron on installing trusses

vaulted skylights

House before stucco

Roland builds front porch

Stucco prep

Stucco dude

Hallway with clerestory windows

Sheet rocked skylight

Stucco goes up

Reborn House

Reborn back


Dining room

Living room